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Schwanger Frau

From ovum to birth....
My support of your journey into woman- and motherhood 

Befruchtete Eizelle


How wonderful that you have discovered my website!



As a midwife, I support you in gaining confidence in yourself and your body, in order to experience an empowered female sexuality, a positive and self-determined childbirth as well as postpartum experience and a positive and self-determined journey towards

My holistic approach to sexuality, childbirth, and motherhood combines evolutionary biology principles with midwifery science fundamentals, complemented by elements from Yoga and HypnoBirthing to generate the greatest possible benefit.

Katharina Pink

My services 

As a midwife, I will accompany you in the different female phases of life. 


Cycle knowledge

As a midwife, I am happy to answer all your questions about your cycle and the various contraceptive methods. 



As a midwife, I will answer all your questions about the desire to have children, fertility treatment and much more.



As a midwife, I will accompany you in a relaxed atmosphere on this exciting journey into a new life stage. 

Stillende Mutter


As a midwife, I will accompany you during these wonderful, sensitive and at the same time challenging first days and weeks after the birth. 

Evidence-based midwifery

My blog is all about the latest scientific findings in the fields of fertility, pregnancy and birth.    


It is particularly important to me to provide evidence-based information in understandable language to women, pregnant women, and expectant parents.


Growing with Kate

Midwife Dr. Katharina Pink


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