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Postpartum period... 
The birth of a family  
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Your postpartum period begins after the birth of your baby, regardless of whether you gave birth at home, in a birth center, as an outpatient, or in a hospital, and lasts about 60 days or 8 weeks. During this time you are entitled to be cared for by a midwife.

The first days and weeks after the birth of your baby are completely dedicated to arriving at the new stage of life as a mom/parent and need a lot of rest and security. As a midwife, I support you and your baby as you enter this new stage of life.

Postpartum care

When you come home from the hospital, you can expect a first postpartum visit from me within 24 hours. 


In the postpartum care I take a lot of time for you and your baby. Special attention is given to your experiences during the birth, questions, needs, uncertainties,... 

What can you expect from my postpartum visit in the first days?

       Medical aftercare for you as a mom (postpartum check uterus & postpartum flow, check vital parameters &. Control and care of birth         injury and cesarean section, suture removal, etc.). 

       Medical aftercare for your baby (weight control, navel care, control of skin and excretions etc.)

       Debriefing of the birth 
       Help and advice with the care of your baby
       Help and advice with breastfeeding and breast problems


Cost: 100€ *

Duration: about 1 hour (longer if needed and sometimes shorter).


*The Austrian Health Insurance Fund (ÖGK) covers 80% of the ÖGK tariff for the first 5 days after birth and, if required, for 7 further home visits (up to 8 weeks after birth).

Lactation Consultation

In the first few days after birth, breastfeeding can take some time as you and your baby adjust to each other. This is a time for experimentation, trying out different breastfeeding positions and techniques. Every mommy-baby relationship is individual as well as unique and follows its own rhythm. 

As a midwife, I support you and your baby with my expertise to promote an optimal breastfeeding start. I will accompany you throughout your entire breastfeeding period and provide you with advice and support in the event of breastfeeding problems such as sore nipples, milk congestion/mastitis, reduced milk production, or questions regarding the topics of breastfeeding twins, pumping, and weaning.


Cost: 100€

Duration: approx. 1 hour

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