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Schwangere mit Partner

Pregnancy is the breathtaking transformation from woman to mother... 

My main concern is to accompany you and your partner with mindfulness and respect through the exciting time of pregnancy and to support and promote your intuitive knowledge.


Pregnancy is a very natural physiological process. Midwives are experts in physiological pregnancy and always refer you to the gynecologist and/or hospital for further clarification and examination if pregnancy-related pathologies or other abnormalities occur.  


From the beginning of your pregnancy you have the opportunity to get to know me better as a midwife during prenatal care, midwife consultations and the various courses that I offer.

"Mutter-Kind-Pass" consultation

The free midwife consultation in the "Mutter-Kind-Pass" is a one-hour meeting that takes place between your 18th and 22nd week of pregnancy (17+0 to 21+6).


The costs for the "Mutter-Kind-Pass" midwife consultation are fully covered by health insurance.


During this consultation, we discuss general topics related to pregnancy, birth and postpartum as well as your own individual topics that are important to you. This conversation also provides a great opportunity to get to know me and my approach better, in case you would like to be cared for by me during the postpartum period..

Mutter Kind Pass Ö

Pregnancy care

In addition to the gynaecological check-ups, you can also avail yourself of personalized midwifery care during pregnancy. I would be happy to support you as part of the so-called pregnancy care, providing services in your home and familiar environment.

For me, you are the expert on your body and your pregnancy.  

Therefore, it is of particular importance to me to actively involve you in all examinations. Together, we determine the position of your baby in your belly and listen to the baby's heartbeat. Furthermore, I also monitor your blood pressure and urine.

These appointments provide a space for all your questions regarding pregnancy discomfort, childbirth, postpartum period, as well as breastfeeding or infant nutrition.

I am also happy to advise you on topics such as sexuality during and after pregnancy, exercise and nutrition during

pregnancy, choosing the right birthing place for you, what to do in the case of breech position after the 34th week of

pregnancy, and more.

This gives us the ideal opportunity to get to know each other better and build up a strong relationship of trust for the postpartum period. 


Cost: 100€/* 

When: at any time during your pregnancy

Duration: approx. 1 hour

* 1 home visit or 1 consultation from the 32nd week of pregnancy is covered by the Austrian Health Insurance Fund at 80% of the health insurance rate. In case of a planned outpatient birth, 2 antenatal care visits are covered by the Austrian Health Insurance Fund at 80% of the health insurance rate.


Birth preparation course

Birth is a very special day in your life and your baby's life. It will influence both of you. Therefore, it is even more important to start this day well prepared, so that you can experience a self-determined and positive birth.

Der Geburtsberg

Childbirth is often compared to a mountain tour. If you want to reach the top of the mountain, you have to train, learn to manage your strength and use your energy wisely. The same applies to the "birth mountain".

Your body intuitively prepares itself 9 months for this one special day. You can additionally support it during this process with mental birth preparation.

cost: 350 €*

when: Ideally, you start the course in your 2nd trimester, around the 20th week of pregnancy.

duration: about 13 hours

* includes scientifically based course material and various audio files to help you practice deep relaxation and special breathing techniques. Currently only in the form of individual courses. From autumn 2023 also group courses in Vienna.

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