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Mental birth preparation...   
much more than HypnoBirthing 

Schwangere beim Meditieren

"Female bodies are shaped by evolution to give birth. We need to regain confidence in ourselves and the natural birth process."  

Katharina E. Pink 

From an evolutionary point of view giving birth is the most natural processes our body was designed for. Since the origin of the species Homo sapiens 200,000 years ago in Africa, about 8,000 generations have lived [1]. The big majority of our ancestors gave birth without any medical support in the sense of modern western medicine. Of course, it was the reason why the maternal and infant mortality decreased in the last 100 years. Despite this obvious benefit, empirical data show that modern obstetrics primarily perceives pregnancy and childbearing as pathological [2]. 

Many of us associate birth with pain, powerlessness and the feeling of being at the mercy of the situation. The image of a painful birth has been cultivated over centuries and deeply anchored in our subconscious. This phenomenon is called fear-tension-pain syndrome and was first described by gynecologist Grantly Dick-Read in the context of childbirth. Hence, it is unthinkable for most of us that birth is a natural process where body and mind peacefully work together.


During birth, even small and otherwise inoffensive things, such as a change of location or a thoughtless remark, often evoke fear. This causes our body to release adrenaline and trigger the so-called fight-or-flight response.

All organs that are not necessary for flight or fight, including our uterus, are then supplied with less blood and thus oxygen and nutrients.

This undersupply leads to uterine muscles no longer being able to work properly, i.e. they cramp and subsequently cause pain.

The perception of and focus on this pain in turn promotes anxiety, the cycle is established and self-reinforcing.

Goal of mindful birth preparation 

The goal of mindful birth preparation is to strengthen the confidence in yourself, your body's ability to give birth to your baby. By learning special techniques of deep relaxation and breathing, the pain of childbirth is reduced, and the chances of a self-determined and natural birth are increased.

Pfeiler Hypnobirthing

By learning special techniques of breathing, deep relaxation and visualization, birth pain is reduced and the chances of a self-determined and positive birth are increased.

[1] Burger, O., Baudisch, A., & Vaupel, J. W. (2012). Human mortality improvement in evolutionary context. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 109(44), 18210-18214.

[2] Haucke, K., & Dippong, N. (2012). Legitimationsprobleme moderner Geburtsmedizin. Ethik in der Medizin, 24(1), 43-55.

Course contents & course costs

My course consists of five modules that build on one another and highlight all the essential topics around birth.

Module I - The last few weeks of pregnancy: How your body prepares for childbirth
Module II - Basics of mindful birth preparation
Module III - Learn techniques of mindful birth preparation
Module IV - The big day is here, the birth begins
Module V – Postpartum
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